People of importance

Founding a nunnery in Kings Sutton in 916 – part 2

People of importance in the region

There is not much evidence for who were the local landowners and nobility (partly because of the lack of charters for this period, and particularly this area).

Details are taken from PASE (the numbers differentiate people of the same name)


The most important is:

Cenwulf 5/Coenwulf, Bishop of Dorchester, 909-909×925 – Kings Sutton was in his (huge) diocese

Ælfwine 8: Bishop of Lichfield (Ælle), fl. 903×915–935×941

Æthelhun 18: Bishop of Worcester, 907×915-915×922

Æthelstan 17: Bishop of Ramsbury (Wiltshire & Berkshire), c.909-c.909×927, Mercian

Æthelweard 12: Bishop of London, d.909×926

Cynath 3: Abbot of Evesham, fl. 915-930

Cynefrith 6: Bishop of Rochester, 909×926–933×934

(a long way from Kings Sutton, but has a similar name to Cyneswith)

Eadfrith 7: Bishop

[of ?Lichfield]

, fl. ?914

Ealhstan 15: Bishop of London, 900×921-c.909×921; Leofusta; Leofstan

Frithestan 1: Bishop of Winchester (909-932×933)

Plegmund 1: Archbishop of Canterbury, 890-923, Mercian

Wærfrith 6: Bishop of Worcester, 869×872–907×915

Had a kinswoman called Cyneswith – he leased her land in Gloucestershire 899 x 904

Wilfrith 4: (Bishop of Lichfield, ?x901-909x?

Wilfrith 5: Bishop of Worcester, 915×922–928×929

Wulfsige 14: Bishop of London, 897×900-909×926

Wynnsige 13: Bishop of Dorchester, 909×925–934×945

There are a few records of bishops founding nunneries (usually for their kinswomen), and one example post 900.



Thurcytel 2: Eorl, went overseas to Francia with the men who wished to serve him


Wigfrith 2: Owner of land in Oxon., fl. 904


Affa 1: Wife of Ælfhelm

Ælfhelm 27: Owner of land in Beds., 10thC

Ealdred 25: Minister, fl. 926; owner of land in Beds.

Leofsige 3: Goldsmith

Manna 2: Eorl, killed at Tempsford 917

Toglos 1: Eorl, killed at Tempsford 917


Æthelflæd 6: Owner of land in Warwicks. & Bucks.

Æthelfrith 3: Dux, fl. 883-904/915; owner of land in Somerset, Bucks., Middx.

Æthelgyth 1: Daughter of Æthelwulf 30

Æthelwulf 30: Father of Æthelgyth 1


Eadric 7: Minister, fl. 903-915

Wulflaf 13: Owner of land in Warwicks. or Berks., fl. 915

Moneyers listed in PASE for early 9th century for Northamptonshire:

Deormod 14:

Deorweald 6:

Ingalbert 1:

Maginhard 2:

Osgar 5:

Reart 2:

Wulfsige 83:

Ælfweald 6: Moneyer associated with the London mint

I don’t know what the evidence is for their being associated with the county; I don’t know whether they would be relevant to the founding of a nunnery.