A minor pilgrimage

I walked to Walton Grounds, about 2km south of Rumwoldstow, which is recorded as being the birthplace of St Rumwold and historically had a chapel dedicated to that infant saint.1 2

There is still a hamlet of a handful of houses, to the side of the private road which leads to the farm on the other side of the brook. No trace survives however of the chapel or earlier settlement.

Walton Grounds from the north
The present hamlet
View of the farm across the brook
The old ford – maybe very old?
View of Walton Grounds from the south side of the brook
The return to Kings Sutton

The walk back to Kings Sutton gives a fine view of the church spire. If there was a real minster here in early mediaeval days – and there may well have been – it will most likely have been up on the hill and essentially part of the church. We’ve sited Rumwoldstow down by the meadow, in a fictional Roman fort, because all the high up land is already thoroughly occupied!

Borage seedlings

Back to the garden – and the borage seedlings are up!


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