Look carefully at the photo…do you see them? Yes, the first ever flower buds from one of my apple tree seedlings! These were grown from apples collected in 2020 and germinated in 2021, so they are now three years old. I need to do an audit and empty out the pots of those that died over the winter but I must still have a good 50 saplings in pots dotted around the patio.

It’s unlikely that these flowers will produce fruit but it’s still very exciting to see one of the little trees take this step forward!

Seedling with first flower buds
The leftmost tree is the one with the buds – the one in a terracotta pot. Grown from a seed from a Gala apple
Seedlings by the pump
Seedlings at the back of the patio
Seedlings at the side of the patio
Seedlings in Froghaven
Seedlings by the path