Towcester library

Last Saturday I put on my posh frock and visited Towcester Library in my persona as Cyneswithe, abbess of Rumwoldstow. My main audience was pre-school children who love to spend their Saturday mornings in the library, so I had put some thought into possible activities, which included feel replica items in a bag and describe them before pulling them out and explaining them – which I think is a great idea but we didn’t have enough kids at any one time for that so I’ll hold it in reserve. Instead, I talked a little about how Towcester was near the border of two sets of immigrant communities, one of longer standing (Anglo-Saxons in Towcester) and one newer (Vikings at Northampton), told them a version of Thor’s Fishing trip, let them see a spear and shield, and showed them weaving, board games and everyday things. Oh, plus paper plates on which to draw their own shield.

Most popular were spear and shield, board games, and drawing. The tablut and nine men’s morris sets did well. Tabula didn’t appeal. Towcester Library is super and the people there are all lovely and enthusiastic. I look forward to a return visit!