At Oxford Castle

Just around the corner from St Frideswide’s monastery in Oxford, a small group of dedicated nuns met in September of 923 to wonder at illuminated manuscripts and marvel at Rumwoldstow’s most precious holy relic, the skull of the infant saint’s own faithful duck companion, Ducky.

Well actually we were part of a display at Oxford Castle, run by the Ulfhrafnar group in the Vikings society.

The nuns of Rumwoldstow marvelled at the manuscript work of the nun in black (she’s from a different monastery)
Abbess Cyneswithe opens the box containing Ducky’s actual skull
Sister Æscwynn, our magistra, accompanied by Sister Ælfrun working hard at her spinning
Dramatic shot of a horn-blowing youth

I actually spent most of the two-day display blathering on about board games, but it was fun to pose for a few choice scenes!